It takes a work of art to ship a work of art.

Custom built crates to precisely fit your valued pieces.

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Fine art handling requires maximum attention to detail.

That’s why our full range of crating and packaging options is professionally designed to ensure the protection and security of your fine art.


All of our crates are custom-built to precisely fit your objects. No matter the shape, size, or dimensions of your artwork, we know how to securely crate and pack it to ensure the security of your pieces.

High Quality

Each crate is constructed of high-quality plywood. We also provide on-site packing and soft-wrapping using the most up-to-date archival materials to ensure the safe and stable transport of your pieces.

Personalized Services

Our team caters to your unique shipping and handling requirements, from slat-crating a single painting for a domestic move to constructing multi-venue traveling exhibition crates for international travel.

Let our team protect and secure your artwork with our custom crating.

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