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For a look “inside the crate,” download our eBook, “A 4-Step Guide to Safe and Secure Art Storage and Handling.”

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Art is an expression of who we are.

It comes from our passions, our failures, our dreams, and our inspirations. Art evokes emotion and becomes a piece of our hearts. We know the thought, the intention, that goes into each stoke, etch, sculpt, turn, layer.

Our team isn’t a typical storage or
handling company - we’re not movers.

We’re artists and art lovers who are passionate about keeping collections, installations, and pieces of art safe and secure.

Crating and Packaging


When we are able to bring a collection to its new home where others will be able to view and enjoy it.

Crating and Packaging


Only when a piece is displayed in just the right location, with the light shining perfectly, surrounded by other pieces that tell a story through placement.

Crating and Packaging


Unique custom crates for each piece and don't stop building until every corner of the artwork is safe, each element of the piece fits perfectly, and every inch of the crate is secure.

This isn’t our job - it’s our art.

A 4-Step Guide to Safe and Secure Art Storage and Handling.

Our expert art handlers at Art Work FAS share their in-depth knowledge and best practices for art storage and handling.

For a look “inside the crate,”

Download Our eBook: