The Impact of Public Art
in Our Communities

Fueled by a curiosity surrounding public art and the effect it has on our communities, our team set out on a quest to discover just what people think about this art form.

We conducted a survey and asked those from our valuable art community to share their input and insight on public art. Our participants included fine art collectors, curators, artists, and those passionate about art in the Pacific Northwest.

Question 1:
What is the role of public art?

Question 2:
Where do you notice and feel
most connected to public art?

Question 3:
When it comes to public art,
what would you like to see more of in your city?

I regularly attend art events

I seek out public art experiences

Do you believe that public art can help drive traffic to areas of town that may need a little more support?

Public art can be a powerful tool for establishing more community-focused cities.

From our survey, we found that people in the art community see an importance for public art when it comes to rebuilding cities and communities after the pandemic. In addition, we have gained a deeper understanding of the impact of public art and the projects that people feel most connected to.


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Art Work FAS supports our local art communities with offices in Portland and Seattle, but we also work with clientele in California’s Bay Area and Silicon Valley, as well as in Los Angeles, New York City, and across the Rocky Mountains.

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