Who We Work With in Fine Art

At Art Work FAS, we specialize in expert art handling, and work passionately and painstakingly to customize unique and creative solutions for door-to-door domestic and international artwork shipping, warehousing, and preservation of your art collection. Over the years, we have reliably crated, stored, transported, and cared for thousands of pieces of artwork in the Seattle & Portland areas, ensuring safe delivery and reliable art installations for who we work with.

Private Collectors

We help private art collectors install, manage, and transport their collections anywhere on the globe with our expert art handling services.


Fine Art Services for Museums - Art Work FAS


All major museums in Portland, Seattle and beyond trust us to ship their traveling collections with our custom-crate art shipping services.


Fine Art Services for Galleries


We assist galleries by providing art transport and installations within their facilities. From the simple to the complex, we’ll realize your vision.


Fine Art Services for Institutions - Art Work FAS

Public Institutions

We can advise on and execute optimal placement of installations to ensure the enjoyment of the public and the safety of the artwork.


Corporate Collectors - Art Work FAS

Corporate Collectors

Whatever the size of your company or your art collection, Art Work FAS can assist you with warehousing, transportation, and installation of your artwork.


Fine Art Services for Artists - Art Work FAS


We take great pride in the work we do in supporting artists to ensure they pack, transport, and store their art optimally for its preservation. Learn more about our discounted services for artists.


Fine Art Services for Advisors

Advisors, Art
Consultants & Fiduciaries

Art Work FAS partners effortlessly with art designers and consultants to collaborate on layout, installation design, and curation.


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