Fine Art Storage with The Pacific Northwest’s Premier Art Logistics Company

At Art Work Fine Art Services, art is our team’s passion. Our decades of work with artists, gallery curators, and collectors have enabled us to combine that passion with the satisfaction of a job well done. As experienced art handlers, we understand the care that each piece needs and deserves. Seeking safe storage for an art collection can cause apprehension, but when working with Art Work FAS, your work is always in expert hands. 

As a fine art logistics company, we offer premier, white-glove fine art storage services predicated on a love of art in all mediums, an unwavering commitment to clients, and tailored and innovative solutions. Discover what separates us from the competition:

Local Fine Art Storage, Based in the Pacific Northwest

For over three decades, the most highly-esteemed museums, collectors, and artists throughout the Pacific Northwest have entrusted Art Work FAS with their fine art storage needs.

This trust is thanks to our reputation as the leading local art logistics company. With warehouses in Portland and Seattle and partners throughout the Pacific Northwest, we specialize in secure storage and have a deep appreciation for local artists and the art community. 

More importantly, our state-of-the-art facilities in Seattle and Portland feature cutting-edge security and digital image archiving technology, enabling us to handle each piece of art with personalized care, precision, accessibility, and dependability. 

Due to our local roots, we also possess extensive experience and expertise in navigating the unique challenges and hazards the damp, cold climate poses. This knowledge of the local climate enables us to create controlled conditions to protect pieces from the elements. 

Each client’s needs are different, and we always take the time to understand those specific needs in order to execute custom, white-glove storage solutions.

An Experienced Team that Specializes in Fine Art Storage

Composed of experts and artists in several mediums, our team’s experience enables us to provide high-quality, custom fine art storage services that cater to a range of needs. 

We are proud to be a woman-owned business in a male-dominated industry. Our passion and unique leadership are the bedrock of our premium service, and our collective experience equips us with the expertise and specialized knowledge to care for pieces in a variety of mediums. Our team designs personalized storage solutions, like custom-designed racks and bespoke crating and packaging, that maximize protection no matter what the size and shape of the piece. 

Furthermore, our team boasts extensive education, including Master’s Degrees in various aspects of the art industry, and operates with granular attention to detail. We have teams on-site to provide security, protection, real-time information about each piece’s location and condition, and, ultimately, peace of mind.

Connections to Local Communities, Organizations, and Experts 

Our enduring connections across the Pacific Northwest empower us to provide premium fine art storage solutions to the art community. Since 1992, we have reliably stored thousands of pieces while ensuring the utmost safety and security. We value our community and actively invest in several cultural and nonprofit organizations throughout the region. 

Our commitment to engaging and collaborating with local colleagues and organizations enables us to address industry issues and challenges to continuously enhance our service and remain on the vanguard of industry standards, practices, and innovations. 

This commitment to constant improvement has cemented our reputation as the most trusted fine arts storage partner in the region.

Request an Estimate for Specialized Fine Art Storage Services

For three decades and counting, Pacific Northwest artists, gallerists, and art collectors have looked to Art Work Fine Art Services for quality fine art storage and logistics solutions.

Every piece of art deserves a sanctuary, and our passion is providing it. Request an estimate or speak to our team today.