Museum Feature: Washington Museum of Glass

The Washington Museum of Glass is located in the iconic, cone cylinder building on the Thea Foss Waterway and features some of the most influential glass artworks in the world. Not only does the Museum of Glass feature exhibitions from national and international leading glass artists, but it hosts live glassmaking for hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

Here are favorite exhibitions currently on display at the Washington Museum of Glass.

Maestro Alfredo Barbini: Nature, Myth, and Magic The David Huchthausen Collection

Italian Modernist Maestro Barbini demonstrates his admiration for minimalism and nature in this collection from David Huchthausen. His works are described as whimsical, charming, and classical, with a focus on birds, sea-life, and the human form. This exhibition features over 70 pieces specially curated by Susan Warner for the Museum of Glass.

Boundless Curiosity: A Journey with Robert Minkoff

Robert Minkoff’s love for explosively vibrant art is held on display in his collection. Various national and international artists are featured in this exhibition, which demonstrates how glass can come from a simple crafting material to a diverse, dynamic medium.

What Are You Looking At?

Pieces featured in the What Are You Looking At? exhibition are the products of the unique residency partnership between Pilchuck Glass School and the Washington Museum of Glass — a partnership that has produced experimental works for the past eighteen years. The residency puts glass in the hands of artists from a wide diversity of backgrounds and artistic sensibilities, resulting in wildly unique pieces.

Installation — Joseph Gregory Rossano: Conservation from Here

This installation, made from recycled aluminum, depicts the unique species of elk native to the Pacific Northwest. The installation, designed to be recycled after the exhibition concludes,  gives viewers an actionable and hopeful look toward conservation efforts for now and the future.


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