Fine Art Transportation Tips for Artists and Collectors

Artists and collectors should spare no precaution when packing and transporting valuable art pieces. White-gloved care and additional fine art transportation tips ensure that paintings, installations, and sculptures are protected from physical, chemical, and environmental damage when being transported, installed, or stored.

Preparation and Restoration

Artwork should not be moved if it is not in a good enough condition to be transported. Depending on the state of the artwork, it may be beneficial to clean and restore artwork before packaging, transporting, and storing collections.

There are many benefits for art collectors to have a restoration and maintenance team that has a close relationship with their fine art transportation team. If collectors store in Art Work Fine Art Service’s storage facilities, restoration teams can restore artwork on location at the facility, keeping artwork perfectly maintained and secure.

Custom Packaging and Crating

Unframed paintings should be protected from other surfaces. No matter the medium or type of art, artwork being transported or relocated should be secured for travel. Custom packaging and crating reduce the risk of damage while in transit. Consider using an expert art logistics team to bolster the safety of your artwork. Art Work FAS is comprised of a team of professional art preparators who have fine art degrees, and often have 10+ years of experience. 

Whether your pieces need a travel frame for transport within your city or building multi-venue exhibition crates for travel, you can rest assured that the shipping and handling of your assets is our top priority.

Pack the Collection

Art should be packed safely to prevent damage. We’ve worked with art collectors, artists, and museums with the transportation of valuable art collections. For fragile or delicate artwork, packing the whole collection together is a feat best achieved with the help of a professional art transportation company. Using expert art handlers will give you the peace of mind that your collection is safe and secure for travel domestically.

For air transportation, getting pieces safely onto the tarmac is crucial. Art Work Fine Art Services offers cargo loading supervision and security detail for collections.


Specialized Knowledge From Our Experts  

For nearly 30 years, Art Work Fine Art Services has served as the trusted logistics partner to some of America’s most highly-regarded museums, galleries, collectors, and artists. We specialize in expert and custom solutions for domestic and international shipping, warehousing, and preservation of artwork. 

Our team is made up of passionate experts in many mediums, including design, painting, printmaking, carpentry, photography, and sculpture. Art Work FAS offers services in Portland and Seattle, in addition to California’s Bay Area and Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York City, and across the Rocky Mountains.  

To request an estimate or find out more about the services Art Work Fine Art Services offers, contact us.