When Should I Use the West Coast Shuttle to Transport Artwork?

west coast shuttleThe fine art professionals of the West Coast represent a vibrant community built on partnership and trust. Those wanting to ship fine art to its next location along the coast deserve a service that caters to the unique challenges of the region. “Art Work Fine Art Services’ West Coast shuttle was designed with the coastal community in mind,” says Jess Bender, Director of Operations in Seattle. “We aimed to sustain the art community with a service built for their particular needs.”

Art Work FAS specializes in the safe and secure transportation of fine art. Unlike generic art transportation services, we offer a cost-effective option for those that live in popular cities along the coast. Whether you need to transport your fine artwork across town or the coast, we have options that best suit the needs of you, your insurers, appraisers, and clients.

If you seek timely and professional service to transport artwork, our West Coast Shuttle might suit your needs. We designed our shuttle routes with the goal of supporting the West Coast community and their distinctive needs. Art professionals may rest assured that your artwork will receive high-quality care with minimal stress and complications.

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Partner With Art Work FAS to Transport Artwork with Our West Coast Shuttle

Art Work FAS offers a bi-weekly shuttle service for the Pacific Northwest region, as well as a monthly West Coast shuttle that stops in Seattle, Portland, and the San Francisco Bay area. We collaborate with partners to extend our service coverage to a wider region from the Pacific Northwest to Los Angeles, CA.

We recognize the importance of having a local team that possesses knowledge of the region’s terrain and weather conditions. Therefore, we partner with trusted art handling companies that maintain warehouses and installation teams in the local area. This enables us to store items and deliver them to clients at their convenience.

The regional shuttle services make delivery simple with a pre-scheduled route, offering a convenient and cost-effective solution. To schedule your pickup and delivery, view our shuttle service schedule, or feel free to contact our dedicated team with any inquiries.

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When Should I Use the West Coast Shuttle to Transport Artwork?

The West Coast Shuttle may be the best solution for:

  • Urgent Transportation Requests: If your insurer, restoration expert, or any other interested party needs to get ahold of the art piece quickly, the West Coast shuttle can aid in getting the piece transported safely and in a timely manner.
  • Small Loads: If you would like to transport your piece locally but don’t wish to reserve an entire truck for your small load, the West Coast shuttle offers a cost better suited to the size of your project.

Art Work FAS: Trusted Partners in Fine Art Logistics

If you’re in need of professional partners for your transportation project, our team of fine art installation specialists has over 30 years of specialized experience as the trusted logistics partner for some of the most esteemed museums, galleries, collectors, and artists in America. We are dedicated to offering expert and tailored solutions for fine art handling, domestic and international shipping, warehousing, and artwork preservation.

No matter what pieces you have in your collection, our team is composed of enthusiastic experts who can accommodate your needs, possessing knowledge across a diverse range of mediums such as design, painting, printmaking, carpentry, photography, and sculpture. Our services are available in Portland and Seattle, as well as the Bay Area and Silicon Valley in California, Los Angeles, New York City, and throughout the Rocky Mountains.

To obtain an estimate or to learn more about our fine art transportation services, contact us or complete the form below.