Fine Art Gallery Feature: Elizabeth Leach Gallery

Artist: Nicola López, Credit: Elizabeth Leach Gallery


The Elizabeth Leach Gallery represents contemporary artists from around the country who have accolades and presences around the world. This prominent Portlandian gallery is the premiere location for collectors and curators and introduces the appreciative Oregon public to the brightest artistic minds that the Northwest coast has to offer.


Current Exhibition

Elizabeth Leach Gallery Summer 2022 Exhibition: Nicola López — Neither There nor Here

Nicola López’s artwork considers light, location, and landscape as she brings the scenery of her New Mexican hometown into her pieces. López is a multifaceted artist with works in print, drawing, video, installation, and numerous others.

The Neither Here nor There exhibit, a series of cyanotypes, focuses on exploring how people understand space, with an interest in architecture, city planning, and botany.


Past Exhibitions

20 Artists in The Quiet Show

The Elizabeth Leach Gallery features many process-oriented artists with pieces that inspire introspection and reflection. This collection was curated with works representing 20 different artists that utilized minimalism and abstraction. Artists from this collection are featured in the gallery today.

(Extra) Ordinary: Reimagining the Everyday

This exhibition featured a collection of artists and their re-interpretations of ordinary objects. This multimedia exhibition challenged onlookers to rethink materials and how they can be used to craft artwork, and how the perspective of everyday objects can bring new life and meaning to their day-to-day activities. Visitors can inquire about the artists represented in this collection when they visit this summer.

Diverse Voices from Vancouver, BC

This exhibition, curated by Rachel Rosenfield Lafo, examined unique perspectives through a wide range of mediums, from video to clay, drawing, installation, and others. These explorations of mediums provided artists means to express unique voices and stories.

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