Precision Crating and Packaging of High Value Artwork

Whether you prefer to keep your high value artwork at home, loan it to museums, or safely store it with an art logistics company, Art Work FAS has all the resources to meet your individual crating and packaging needs. All of our crates are custom built to precisely fit your objects, whether your collection includes framed paintings, unframed paintings, sculptures, installation pieces or a diverse combination.

Our custom, handcrafted crates are constructed of high-quality plywood and designed to protect their contents through even the most adverse events. Our crates are clearly stenciled with handling and orientation instructions, meaning that your objects are treated with the utmost care, even when being passed from one team to the next.

Crating Solutions for the Most Sensitive Jobs

Your artwork requires crating and packaging considerations at the highest level. Art Work Fine Art Services’ museum crates are our highest-grade crates, designed at every juncture for durability, concealment, and protection. These crates can be used multiple times for years to come, and are the ideal solution for traveling shows or exceptionally valuable pieces.

Museum crates are crafted with multiple layers of protective sealant and sealed with a specialized gasket, protecting crates from environmental and pest concerns. Crates are specially created to withstand repeated use because of their closures. Particularly sensitive art pieces can be placed in travel crates, and then placed inside a larger crate, providing  additional support during transportation.

From slat-crating a single painting to constructing multi-venue exhibition crates, we cater to the specific requirements of your valuable and carefully curated collection. The preservation of your objects is our top priority. 

We offer onsite consultations for every job and listen to your specific concerns. Once we have determined the best packing and crating options, we provide onsite packing and soft-wrapping services using the most up-to-date archival materials available in the industry.

Even if you choose not to store your collection within Art Work Fine Art Services’ state-of-the-art storage facilities, we provide expert packing services for your onsite storage. And, when storage space at your museum or gallery is limited, we offer storage for your empty crates.

Experience and Expertise Trusted by National Art Leaders

The team at Art Work Fine Art Services is comprised of industry experts in fine art packaging and crating for the Pacific Northwest. The partners that rely on our expertise include the most prestigious galleries, museums and collectors across Washington, Oregon, and California, and around the world, and we support the Washington Museum Association, the Oregon Museum Association, the American Alliance of Museums, and the Association of Registrars and Collections Specialists, to name a few.

Art Work FAS has over thirty years of experience as art preparators, meaning we handle every piece in your private art collection with the utmost care for your investments. We have expertise in handling the most complex projects in the industry. For example, we recently shipped a major museum exhibition from Oregon to New York. We individually prepared and crated 110 valuable posters and photographs and 25 examples of fashion.

Our services include a dedicated crating manager with a robust level of dedication, involvement, and expertise to handle the most complex projects. Like the rest of our team, our crating manager holds an art degree, with additional certifications that bring the highest quality of service to your project.

Our industry-leading expertise is available for your crating and packaging needs. Contact us today. Our team is ready to hear about your unique needs and concerns.