4 Impressive Installation Art Pieces in the Pacific Northwest

Installation art is a product of modern and contemporary art and is meant to take the viewer on an immersive journey with larger-than-life pieces. Usually, installation art is created for specific locations, allowing them to transform a space into an interactive environment and one-of-a-kind experience. 

We’ve gathered some installation art from around the Pacific Northwest for you to experience and enjoy. Take a look at some of these immersive and innovative pieces below. 

Alex, Michael and Harold, Fire Station 38, Seattle 

At Fire Station 38 in Seattle, you will find “Alex, Michael and Harold,” by Mel Katz

three painted aluminum plate sculptures specifically designed for the space. Created to playfully mimic trees that are found near the firehouse, they create an overlapping and interlocking visual framework when compared to their environment. 

This playful sculpture set was installed by the Art Work FAS team. Take a drive-by Fire Station 38 to discover this exciting installation art piece. 

Transforest, Denny Substation, Seattle

Transforest, by Lead Pencil Studio, was created specifically for Denny Substation and was born from a partnership between Seattle City Light and the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture. The towering sculpture combines the structure of Seattle City Light’s industrial history and the Pacific Northwest’s natural landscape. 

We love driving past this magnificent piece while completing transportation and installation projects in the Seattle area!

Bourgeois Benches, Oregon Center for Contemporary Arts, Portland

Recently, our team installed benches created by artist Louise Bourgeois at the Oregon Center for Contemporary Arts, previously known as Disjecta. 

Louise Bourgeois was a well-known and respected artist who is best known for her large-scale outdoor work. It was an honor to install her incredible pieces! Head on over Oregon Contemporary to discover this public art exhibit and other amazing contemporary works of art.  

Phenomena, Homage to Flight I, Portland International Airport, Portland

Phenomena, Homage to Flight I by Miles Pepper is a kinetic sculpture permanently residing over an escalator in the Portland International Airport. Inspired by the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci, the sculpture is driven by air movement and swings with the passing wind. The piece was designed specifically for the Portland International Airport and connects to the environment by evoking a sense of moment and flight. 

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