Securing Art Collections During Installation

securing art collectionsWhile on the surface, installing and securing art collections for display seems like a simple task, there are numerous, and at times unforeseen factors that determine the security of a piece once it is installed. Private residences, museums, galleries, corporate buildings, public buildings, and the outdoors all have different requirements for ensuring that fine art pieces are well protected from the strain of day-to-day display or any adverse events. This process is far more complex than hammering a nail into the wall and hoping for the best.

The team of professional art logistics experts at Art Work Fine Art Services is made up of professional art installers that can handle any art installation project. “Part of the challenge of the job is using past experience to come up with solutions to the challenges presented by unique artwork and unique situations,” says Art Work Fine Art Services Crating and Special Projects Manager Rob Saccardi.

“Personally, I like having to solve a challenge or a puzzle in terms of installation, whether that’s finding a way to do something that seems particularly difficult, or improving on a process I’ve worked with in the past,” continues Rob. 

Regardless of your concerns or worries, our expert handlers can create a solution that meets your needs, then execute using the tools and resources at our disposal.

Considerations When Securing Art Collections

The process of installing artwork is one that considers both the artwork and the display venue while making an actionable plan for both. Some considerations that must be measured when securing art collections include:

Unpredictable Circumstances

Even “simple” projects require special attention to ensure that no damage comes to valuable artwork of the venue which houses it. Installation must contend with unpredictable factors, from natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes to natural conditions, including sunlight, heat, and moisture.

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Art work is also susceptible to human clumsiness: viewers may bump into artwork or trip on top of it. This is especially true in close quarters like private residences. Art Work Fine Art Services secures artwork in a way that ensures it will be sustained, even without the close eye of a curator or gallerist.

The Display Venue

Protecting the artwork venue is often just as important as caring for the art. Art Work FAS deals with many delicate and specific interior finishes with private clients, where the wall, floor and even ceiling materials are easy to damage and hard to repair. These projects require extra care to plan access, move the artwork, and install it in the right location. Art Work Fine Art Services can get heavy and cumbersome artwork down small gallery hallways or even into top-floor penthouses using cranes, rigging and specialized equipment.

Securing art collections often means determining entry points, choosing the right tools and hardware, and making a plan to properly accommodate for display walls that are tougher than typical drywall. Fine art may be installed into finished concrete, marble, decorative plaster or wood paneling. These materials require a robust knowledge of the structure, and acute familiarity of the tools, and an eye for detail.

The Outdoors

Art pieces that belong outdoors and will be exposed to the elements require exceptional security. Our team surveys and considers the installation site’s landscaping and topography concerns to be sure that outdoor artwork is level, weather-proofed, and eye-catching.

Specialized Knowledge From Our Experts in Securing Art Collections

For nearly 30 years, Art Work Fine Art Services has served as the trusted logistics partner to some of America’s most highly-regarded museums, galleries, collectors, and artists. We specialize in expert and custom solutions for fine art handling, domestic and international shipping, warehousing, and preservation of artwork. 

Our team is made up of passionate experts in many mediums, including design, painting, printmaking, carpentry, photography, and sculpture. Art Work FAS offers services in Portland and Seattle, in addition to California’s Bay Area and Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York City, and across the Rocky Mountains.  

To request an estimate or find out more about our fine art installation services, contact us or complete the form below.


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