How We Effectively Store Your Fine Art During the Fall and Winter Months

fine art storageWith winter quickly approaching, the days are getting shorter, and here in the Pacific Northwest, we are hunkering down for our rainy season until March. At ArtWork FAS, we are bundling up to take care of your fine art, whether that be through storage, installation, transportation, or packaging. 

There may come a time when your fine art needs to take a break from being on display. We are proud to provide a safe and secure location for your fine art away from the winter elements. Storing artwork requires specific conditions to ensure that your piece does not withstand any damage. 

We provide a complete range of art storage solutions for our customers. We currently have nearly 30,000 square feet of space and are focusing on expanding this service. Our team is ready to accommodate your small paintings, large sculptures, or entire museum collections during the winter months. Here is how we effectively store your fine art during this season. 

Packing Your Art Work With Care

When you get in touch with our team to handle your storage needs, we take the time to sit down with you to learn about your piece. We understand the unique requirements for handling both fine art and antiques and work with you to determine the best packing and crating options. 

By keeping your artwork wrapped and in a dark space, you can also help ensure that the quality of your piece does not deteriorate. At our warehouses, we have timed lighting so your artwork remains in the dark unless the space is occupied by our team members. 

Climate-Controlled Storage

Our facilities are equipped to provide both temperature and humidity control to ensure that your artwork stays protected from the elements. Humidity can cause biodeterioration, dimensional change, or even a chemical reaction. 

All three of our warehouses provide climate control, which is optimal for many mediums, sizes, and quantities of artwork. We maintain a steady temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit and provide humidity control set to 50% Relative Humidity. Our team monitors these levels twenty-four hours a day to ensure that the correct climate is maintained. 

Specialized Knowledge From Our Experts  

For nearly 30 years, Art Work Fine Art Services has served as the trusted logistics partner to some of America’s most highly-regarded museums, galleries, collectors, and artists. We specialize in expert and custom solutions for domestic and international shipping, warehousing, and preservation of artwork. 

Our team is made up of passionate experts in many mediums, including design, painting, printmaking, carpentry, photography, and sculpture. Art Work FAS offers services in Portland and Seattle, in addition to California’s Bay Area and Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York City, and across the Rocky Mountains.  

To request an estimate or find out more about the services Art Work Fine Art Services offers, contact us 

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