AWFAS Public Art Survey Reveals Origin of Need for New Facilities in Pacific Northwest

Art Work Fine Art Services LogoRecent survey by Portland-based art logistics company, Art Work Fine Art Services, sheds light on the increased need for storage resources for artists, collectors, enthusiasts, and galleries in Pacific Northwest communities.

Art Work Fine Art Services, a Seattle and Portland-based art logistics company, announced its strategic plan to expand its physical footprint in the Seattle area in 2022. The expansion is a response to its significant client growth and the findings of their recent art survey that highlighted a community dependency on public art in the Pacific Northwest.

The Pacific Northwest has always been a flourishing community for fine art. Art Work Fine Art Services observed a swell of the creation of new works in tandem with a demand for their art services in the area. This growth is what prompted Art Work Fine Art Services to conduct its community survey.

“The survey, and its respondents, were loud and clear; public art helps support artists, inspires creativity, and creates neighborhood identity,” said Acacia Phillips, President of Art Work Fine Art Services. “Beyond celebrating the works themselves and those who created them, the public at large often benefits emotionally from these displays, and we are continuing to see this need as we work with more and more artists and collectors in these communities.”

Conducted in the first half of 2021, the Art Work Fine Art Services survey focused on collecting data from fine art collectors, curators, artists, and art enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest. Respondents shared their feelings about the cultural impact that public art plays in communities. 

The survey overall reveals that the community sees the importance of public art when it comes to rebuilding cities and communities after the pandemic. Among the findings:

  • 74% of survey respondents agreed that “public art can be a powerful tool for establishing community-focused cities.” 
  • 95% percent of respondents also shared that public art is particularly important for supporting local artists. 
  • 85% agreed that public art is crucial for neighborhood development and creativity

As a result of the survey, Art Work Fine Art Services recognized how quickly the Pacific Northwest communities were growing and that they would need more preservation and storage resources. The company has developed a plan to expand its physical footprint in the Pacific Northwest to support these artists and collectors and meet demand. Currently, the company has achieved a 35% increase in art storage space in Portland and is looking to grow even further in Seattle in the next year. 

“We see the impact and role that public art plays in our communities, and that is why we’re committed to supporting local artists and neighborhoods. Our strategy is to expand our facilities, team, and most excitingly, our areas of expertise,” said Phillips. “To kick off our plan, we’ve recently implemented a brand new operating system to help simplify jobs in the field for incoming and outgoing art being stored in our facilities or relocating to another home.”

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