Fine Art Services Case Study: White Glove Treatment from Beginning to End

With our fine art services, our clients know that our team of experts will safely pack, store, install, and deliver all of their fine art pieces with care. That’s why our clients have allowed us to support their collections for many years. Here’s how we helped one long-term client with her large collection of mixed medium pieces.

Fine Art Transportation and Installation

We began working with this client many years ago when she was managing a smaller collection of paper, sculpture, and installation pieces. 

“We have been clients of Art Work for decades, during which time they have cared for both our personal and corporate collections with the utmost professionalism, attention to detail, and care,” said Ann E. “We love the team’s rigorous approach to understanding all media and respect for our collections.”

As time went on, her collections began to grow as she developed relationships with new vendors. As a result, she needed assistance packaging her pieces, transporting them to their respective locations, and installing them in their new homes. 

“As our collection grew, our installed locations changed and now ranged from our offices and homes to temporary loans, museums, and galleries. Art Work kept meticulous track of it all and handled every detail to ensure each piece was safe,” Ann said.

Fine Art Storage

Many of those relocations didn’t happen at once. Several projects would be months away, and this client needed secure fine art storage for those pieces prior to their new installation locations

“When the work was in storage, we knew that it was in the best of hands, secure from anything that might harm it and ready when it was time to move it for installation,” said Ann. “The team was kind, professional, friendly, and a joy to work with always. They provided us a level of care for our art that allowed us to know it was in good hands, always.”

No matter the piece of art we are dealing with, our team provides a rigorous approach to understanding all media to ensure that while art is in our care it is in the best of hands.

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Specialized Knowledge From Our Experts  

For nearly 30 years, Art Work Fine Art Services has served as the trusted logistics partner to some of America’s most highly-regarded museums, galleries, collectors, and artists. We specialize in expert and custom solutions for domestic and international shipping, warehousing, and preservation of artwork. 

Our team is made up of passionate experts in many mediums, including design, painting, printmaking, carpentry, photography, and sculpture. Art Work FAS offers services in Portland and Seattle, in addition to California’s Bay Area and Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York City, and across the Rocky Mountains.  

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